Changes in the coaching department inflated a new fire in FC Žalgiris game. With Valdas Urbonas as a head coach green and whites won a very important battle against FC Sūduva in A lyga and later easily passed a FC Jonava in the Lithuanian Cup tournament.

On 27th of June Žalgiris visited Marijampolė. It was a game of18th Matchday of A lyga. Previous three visits for Žalgiris ended in two losses and one draw. FC Sūduva had won the last game in Vilnus as well and after 17 games held an 8 points advantage in the fight for the first place in A lyga.
The game was marked with intensive fight, four players from both teams had to be helped by doctors after bloody collisions on the field. During the match referee Donatas Šimėnas showed 9 yellow and 1 red card to Sūduva and Žalgiris players. It was the red card that changed the game. On 62nd minute Tomaš Malec while fighting for a high ball slaughtered defender of Sūduva Vaidas Slavickas and was immediately expelled from the field. Left without one player Žalgiris tightened it‘s defence and moved to the counterattack style. On 77th minute Louis Ogana and Liviu Antal made a superb combination and Antal put the ball to the net.
After that Sūduva feverishly tried to even the result, but it was Žalgiris who could have scored more goals. At the end of the match Saulius Mikoliūnas showed briliant skills and made good passes for Ogana and Antal. Although both players vasted their chances, but Žalgiris held off Sūduva pressure and won the game 1:0.

After three days Žalgiris went to Jonava for a Cup tournament third round game against FC Jonava. Mikoliūnas and Tomaš Šimkovič scored goals in the first half, Antal, Serge Nyuiadzi and Tomaš Malec finnished the work in the second half and Žalgiris won comfortably 5:0.