On May 2nd FC Žalgiris met with current A league’s leaders FC Marijampolės Sūduva. The match was full of great goals and emotions but Sūduva were the lucky winners this time with the final score 3:2 (2:2).

Since the start of the match the game was very high paced. Sūduva were the first team to score this time. On 5th minute Josip Tadic made a shot and beat FC Žalgiris’ goalkeeper Džiugas Bartkus. After couple of minutes it got worse for the home team. Sūduva scored again and were leading 2:0 by the 12th minute of the match. FC Žalgiris didn’t give up. Jeremy Manzorro scored a great goal which was followed by Tomas’s Malec’s goal right before the first half was finished.
After the start of the second half FC Žalgiris were controlling the ball and creating some dangerous attacks. Serge Nyuiadzi and Tomas Malec had very good chances to score but failed to beat the oppositions’ goalkeeper. It all seemed good until 78th minute. FC Sūduva made a quick counter-attack and after a bizarre moment in FC Žalgiris’ penalty area they managed to score. FC Žalgiris did all they could to equalize the score but were unsuccessful.
The next match for FC Žalgiris will be played on 8th of May against FC Jonava.
FC Žalgiris – Marijampolės Sūduva 2:3 (2:2)
Goals: 26 min. J.Manzorro, 45+1 min. T.Malec; 5 min. J.Tadič, 12 min. A.Švrljuga, 79 min. J.Kasparavičius.
Cards: 71 min. Marquinhos, 74 min. S.Nyuiadzis; 70 min. V.Gaidučikas, 72 min. A.Švrljuga.
 FC „Žalgiris“: D.Bartkus, R.Baravykas, G.Freidgeimas, M.Mbodj, D.Slijngard (31 min. L.Klimavičius), L.Antal, J.Manzorro (56 min. Marquinhos), T.Šimkovič, M.Tomič, T.Malec, S.Nyuiadzi (82 min. L.Ogana). Substitutes: A.Mickevičius, K.Uzėla, D.Kodz, D.Romanovskij.
„Sūduva“: I.Kardum, V.Gaidučik, A.Jankauskas, S.Kerla, P.Leimonas, A.Švrljuga, A.Živanovič, A.N’Diaye, O.Verbickas, R.Cicilia (65 min. J.Kasparavičius), J.Tadič (85 min. G.Matulevičius).