On April 28th FC Žalgiris took its first win in the second round of Lithuanian A league. With the help of Liviu Antal’s two goals, FC Žalgiris beat FC Planaga with a result 2:1.

The match began with first Liviu Antal’s goals on the third minute of the match. Jeremy Manzorro made a fine pass into the penalty area and Liviu managed to beat FC Palanga’s defenders and scored a fine goal. However, the lead didn’t last very long as FC Palanga were awarded a penalty kick on the 13th minute and Gvidas Juška equalised the score.
After a very intense beginning the match slowed down. Both teams were looking for opportunities but were unsuccessful. It all changed in the end of the first half when Liviu Antal received a great pass and hit it when the ball was still in the air. The home team’s goalkeeper had no chance of saving his team because the shot was simply too powerful.
The second half began with FC Žalgiris dominating the pitch and controlling the ball. However, the team from Vilnius couldn’t create any dangerous chances. On the last minutes of the game Gvidas Juška had a chance to eqaulise the score but his free kick shot went just over the bar. The game finished with the score of 1:2 and FC Žalgiris took a second win against FC Palanga this season.
Next match FC Žalgiris will play against Marijampolės Sūduva. The match will be played in LFF stadium on 2nd of May 20:00.

FC Palanga – FC Žalgiris 1:2

 13 min. G.Juška (11 m. baudinys); 3 ir 40 min. L.Antalis.

 53 min. S.Urbys; 13 min. D.Bartkus, 73 min. S.Mikoliūnas.

FC Žalgiris:
D.Bartkus, R.Baravykas, G.Freidgeimas, M.Mbodj, D.Slijngard, L.Antal, J.Manzorro (76 min. K.Uzėla), S.Mikoliūnas, M.Tomič, T.Malec (62 min. L.Ogana), S.Nyuiadzi (46 min. Marquinhos). Substitutes: A.Mickevičius, L.Klimavičius, D.Kodz, D.Romanovskij.

FC Palanga:
A.Cvetkovas, M.Bagužis, W.Dioufas, V.Kabroda, J.Raziūnas (62 min. M.Radžiukynas), R.Šveikauskas, S.Urbys, B.Goupy, G.Juška, S.Urbys (70 min. R.Gecevičius), D.Konikas (B.Youanevas).