On April 11th FC Žalgiris played in Klaipėda and triumphed against the old rival team FC Atlantas. Green-Whites scored at the start of the game, but soon were left behind after two goals of Atlantas players. Nevertheless, Žalgiris managed to equalize the score at the end of first half and added three more goals in the second half secured win with the result 5:2 (2:2).

The game started very brightly for Vilnius team. On 2nd minute Marko Tomič rised higher than Atlantas goalkeeper Pavel Doroševs and scored the first goal. Soon Atlantas answered with two strikes. On 6th minute Anil Koč scored with powerful shot from the distance and after six minutes Donatas Kazlauskas doubled the score.
After such cold shower, Žalgiris regrouped and slowly started to build the pressure near Atlantas goal. On the 42nd minute after another corner Tomič once more headed the ball to the net of Atlantas.
In the second half the game went according Žalgiris plan. On 52nd minute Tomaš Šimkovič made a good croos and defender of Atlantas Aleksandras Levšinas scored an own goal. And later Liviu Antal added two more great goals to turn a game to a comfortable victory of Žalgiris.
On April 18th FC Žalgiris will travel to Kaunas to face FC Kauno Žalgiris.

FC „Atlantas“ – FC „Žalgiris“ 2:5 (2:2). Goals: 6 min. A.Koč, 12 min. D.Kazlauskas; 2 and 42 min. M.Tomič, 52 min. A. Levšinas (own goal), 62 and 75 min. L. Antal.

Cards: 29 min. D. Šimkus, 39 min. A. Diallo, 51 min. M. Panka, 90+2 min. E. Baniulis; 36 min. D. Slijngard, 40 min. T. Šimkovič, 87 min. S. Mikoliūnas.

„Atlantas“: P. Doroševs, L. Da Silva, A. Diallo (80 min. I. Pecha), M. Kaliadka, A. Levšinas, A. Koč, M. Panka, J. Pejič (66 min. M. Papšys), D. Šimkus, D. Kazlauskas, V. Kendeš (72 min. E. Baniulis).
„Žalgiris“: Dž. Bartkus, R. Baravykas, L. Klimavičius (65 min. J. Manzorro), M. Mbodj, D. Slijngard, S. Blagojevič, Marquinhos (46 min. L. Antal), M. Tomič, T. Šimkovič, S. Nyuiadzi (82 min. S. Mikoliūnas), T. Malec.