On 25th of February FC Žalgiris officially started a new season. In the first game of 2018 A league competition in Vilnius Žalgiris 2:0 (1:0) won against Kauno Žalgiris team.

It was official debut in front of the supporters for a new Žalgiris players – Tomaš Šimkovič, Jeremy Manzorro, Marko Tomič and Tomaš Malec and Marquinhos. And they didn‘t disapoint Žalgiris fans. On 42min. Tomič scored first goal of the season, and at the begining of the second half Malec doubled the lead. Both times assists were provided by Šimkovič.
Head coach of Žalgiris Aurelijus Skarbalius was satisfied with a result of the game. „Before the start everybody felt a little tension, but it is natural. I am happy that we played according our game plan, got a victory and didn‘t let opponents to score. The only problem is that we could have scored more goals and make it a solid win. We have to be more precise in front of the opponents goal“, - said Skarbalius.
Next game Žalgiris will play on 4th of March in Kaunas against FC Stumbras.

FC Žalgiris – Kauno Žalgiris 2:0 (1:0). Goals: 42 min. M.Tomič, 54 min. T.Malec.
Cards: 47 min. T.Malec, 71 min. L.Klimavičius; 41 min. K.Gvildys, 67 min. L.Pilibaitis.
Žalgiris: Džiugas Bartkus, Rolandas Baravykas, Linas Klimavičius, Diego Oyarzun, Donovan Slijngard, Slavko Blagojevič (57 min. Marquinhos), Tomaš Šimkovič, Marko Tomič Jeremy Manzorro (49 min. Serge Nyuiadzi), Daniel Romanovskij (73 min. Dominykas Kodz), Tomaš Malec. Substitutes: Airidas Mickevičius, Mamadou Mbodj, Dominykas Barauskas, Louis Ogana.