This year's LFF Cup campaign is quite difficult for FC Žalgiris, as the current bearers of this title eliminated Sūduva Marijampolė just after the penalties by the final result 6:4.

On 14 minutes Sūduva scored another goal from a set piece, when former Žalgiris center back Semir Kerla made a pass after the throw-in to Karolis Chvedukas, who found himself free in the penalty box and confidently sent the ball past the goalkeeper. Visiting side had very serious problems to score an equalizer, despite the fact that Sūduva midfielder Paulius Janušauskas was sent off on 44 minutes.

However, on the third added minute of the stoppage time Žalgiris captain Egidijus Vaitkūnas made a shot from 15 meters, the ball touched opponent's leg and found its way into the back of the net. Vilnius side came back storming in the first half of extra-time, as after the a precise cross from Bahrudin Atajič Liviu Antal made a superb finish. Unfortunately, Žalgiris missed a few golden chances to secure a victory and was punished on 121 minute, when Algis Jankauskas scored a second goal for Sūduva.

Vilnius side stepped into penalty shootout for a second time in this LFF Cup campaign and once again was on top. All four Žalgiris players sent the ball into the back of the net, while Jeremy Manzorro and Kerla kicked the ball over the bar.

The LFF Cup final against Stumbras Kaunas will be played on 24th of September in Panevėžys.

Match statistics:

Sūduva Marijampolė 2:2 (1:0), 2:4 after penalties FC Žalgiris

Goals: 14 min. K.Chvedukas, 120+1 min. A.Jankauskas; 90+3 min. E.Vaitkūnas, 94 min. L.Antal

A.Švrljuga scored, J.Manzorro missed, O.Verbickas scored, S.Kerla missed; D.Šernas scored, M.Kuklys scored, L.Antal scored, S.Blagojevič scored

Yellow cards: 45+1 min. I.Kardum, 66 min. A.Jankauskas, 72 min. A.Švrljuga; 9 min. V.Lukša, 65 min. E.Vaitkūnas, 77 min. Elivelto, 111 min. M.Kuklys, 112 min. S.Blagojevič, 117 min. A.Vitkauskas, 118 min. D.Šernas, 120+3 min. M.Mbodj

Red card: 44 min. P.Janušauskas

Sūduva: I.Kardum, M.Činikas, A.Živanovič, S.Kerla, A.Jankauskas, A.Švrljuga, P.Janušauskas, K.Chvedukas (88 min. O.Verbickas), J.Manzorro, E.Veliulis (76 min. G.Matulevičius), K.Laukžemis (45+2 min. P.Leimonas).

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, D.Slijngard (70 min. M.Ljujič), L.Klimavičius, M.Mbodj, E.Vaitkūnas, S.Blagojevič, M.Kuklys, Elivelto (113 min. D.Oyarzun), V.Lukša (90 min. B.Atajič), L.Antal, D.Šernas.