FC Žalgiris in the LFF Cup quarterfinal 8:0 won against Panerys Vilnius.

Last time these two teams met on the football pitch on 9th of May 1998 and Žalgiris won 7:0. This was the last season for Panerys, but after 19 years the team was restored by former Žalgiris player Robertas Tautkus. Now Panerys plays in the Second League, however, Vilnius side left behind Nevėžis Kėdainiai and Palanga in the earlier rounds of LFF Cup.
Nevertheless, Panerys had zero chances, while matching Lithuanian champions. Žalgiris gave a rest to Mantas Kuklys, Egidijus Vaitkūnas and Matija Ljujič, but still had enough firepower in their hands. In the first 45 minutes, Panerys defended very well and only Diego Oyarzun with a powerful shot from the distance managed to score a goal.

In the second half senior players of Panerys were tired and Žalgiris made them pay. Youngsters Karolis Uzėla and Ernestas Stočkūnas scored their first goals for senior team, Vytautas Lukša added another double and Darvydas Šernas showed his attacking skill as well.
After this victory, Žalgiris stepped into the LFF Cup semifinal for the seventh time in a row. Another three teams, waiting for a chance to challenge current LFF Cup winners, are Sūduva Marijampolė, Stumbras Kaunas and Vytis Vilnius.
Match statistics:
FC Panerys 0:8 (0:1) FC Žalgiris

Goals: 21 min. D.Oyarzun, 49 ir 86 min. K.Uzėla, 67 ir 90 min. V.Lukša, 75 ir 89 min. E.Stočkūnas, 79 min. D.Šernas

Panerys: A.Gudalevičius, N.Radžius, I.Kunickas, Au.Veikutis, Ž.Barauskas, B.Jakavičius, M.Puodžiūnas (72 min. E.Bogdanovas), Ar.Veikutis,T.Statkevičius, T.Gražiūnas, M.Chudinskis.

 Dž.Bartkus, D.Oyarzun, L.Klimavičius (66 min. D.Šernas), M.Mbodj, D.Slijngard, S.Blagojevič, K.Uzėla, D.Romanovskis, V.Lukša, Elivelto (46 min. R.Baravykas), B.Atajič (7 min. E.Stočkūnas).