FC Žalgiris came back on a winning track in an astonishing fashion, while demolishing Jonava by score line 5:0 in the 22nd round of A league.

The winner of this game was decided in the first half – Darvydas Šernas scored the goal and shortly after that Matija Ljujič performed a double. In the second half, Žalgiris continued its domination, thus two goals of Liviu Antal, who is getting more and more confident after an injury, didn't surprise anyone.

With 50 points after 22 games Žalgiris is staying still at the top of A league. Their main rivals are Trakai (41 point after 21 game) and Sūduva (32 points after 19 games).

Before this game three Žalgiris players were honoured. Mantas Kuklys played his 200th match in a green and white shirt, while Serge Nyuiadzi and Vytautas Lukša last week made their 100th appearance in the Vilnius side.

Match statistics:

FC Žalgiris 5:0 (3:0) Jonava

Goals: 8 min. D.Šernas, 14 ir 22 min. M.Ljujič, 59 (from the penalty) ir 72 min. L.Antal

Yellow cards: 6 min. L.Klimavičius, 55 min. B.Atajič; 50 min. A.Osipov, 59 min. E.Zhevnerov

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, R.Baravykas, D.Oyarzun, L.Klimavičius, E.Vaitkūnas, M.Kuklys, M.Traore (46 min. L.Antal), M.Ljujič, Elivelto, S.Nyuiadzi (64 min. D.Romanovskis), D.Šernas (46 min. B.Atajič).

Jonava: T.Simaitis, A.Osipov, L.Perič, E.Zhevnerov, M.Zhychykov, M.Dapkus (46 min. K.Šilkaitis), A.Paškevičius, M.Grigaravičius, K.Upstas (89 min. T.Salamanavičius), K.Sylych (53 min. Tv.Eliošius), M.Marusych.