FC Žalgiris had a really fierce match in the 21st round of A league, while playing a 2:2 draw with the second placed Trakai.

On 12 minutes Vilnius side was in front after the perfect counter attack. Serge Nyuiadzi left his opponent behind and found Darvydas Šernas in the penalty box, his strong shot sailed low into the opposition goal. Nevertheless, Trakai managed to score an equalizer in the first half and after the break put themselves in front. Experienced centre back Arūnas Klimavičius calmly dispatched two penalty kicks on 20 and 58 minutes and gave his team the lead.

In a tough conditions, Žalgiris players showed strong character. After some havoc in Trakai penalty box the ball touched Elivelto and on 61 minute crossed the goal line, thus Žalgiris managed to stay nine points ahead of their second placed rival.

Match statistics:

Trakai 2:2 (1:1) FC Žalgiris

Goals: 20 min. ir 58 min. A.Klimavičius (from the penalties); 12 min. D.Šernas, 61 min. Elivelto

Yellow cards: 25 min. V.Šilėnas, 40 min. V.Borovskij, 63 min. M.Vorobjovas, 64 min. P.Kruk; 32 min. S.Nyuiadzi, 41 min. D.Oyarzun, 65 min. S.Blagojevič, 67 min. M.Mbodj, 70 min. L.Klimavičius

Trakai: I.Plūkas, V.Šilėnas, A.Klimavičius, P.Kruk, V.Borovskij, M.Vorobjovas, M.Shyshka, A.Bychanok, D.Česnauskis (58 min. J.Marazas), O.Dorley, M.Maksimov.

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, D.Oyarzun, M.Mbodj, L.Klimavičius, D.Slijngard, S.Blagojevič, M.Kuklys, Elivelto (85 min. B.Atajič), S.Nyuiadzi (60 min. L.Antal), V.Lukša (77 min. M.Ljujič), D.Šernas.