FC Žalgiris trip to Belarus was finished on a positive note as Lithuanian champions in a friendly match played out a 1:1 draw with BATE Borisov and won the penalty shoot-out by the final score 5:4.

A flag-bearer of Belarus football was very active in the first minutes. Armantas Vitkauskas had to step in to the game few times, also, Mamadou Mbodj and Egidijus Vaitkūnas had to make a crucial clearances near the goal. However, Žalgiris was getting better after the start of the game and on 29 minutes managed to take the lead. Elivelto left few opponents behind and found Matija Ljujič, who calmly steered the ball past the goalkeeper.

In the second half both teams had less chances to score, but BATE managed to pull the goal back. After the long ball former Žalgiris midfielder Yury Kendysh on 74 minutes scored a firm header.

After the draw, both teams stepped into the penalty shoot-out, where Žalgiris earned a victory. Mantas Kuklys, Vytautas Lukša, Bahrudin Atajič, Slavko Blagojevič and Diego Oyarzun were precise as Vitkauskas parried the shot of Maksim Volodko.

Match statistics:

BATE Borisov 1:1 (0:1) FC Žalgiris

5:4 after penalties. Goals by: M.Kuklys, V.Lukša, B.Atajič, S.Blagojevič, D.Oyarzun.

Goals: 74 min. Y.Kendysh; 29 min. M.Ljujič

Yellow cards: 59 min. S.Dragun; 20 min. S.Blagojevič, 24 min. E.Vaitkūnas

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, D.Slijngard (72 min. D.Oyarzun), M.Mbodj, L.Klimavičius, E.Vaitkūnas (72 min. R.Baravykas), S.Blagojevič, M.Kuklys, M.Ljujič (59 min. S.Nyuiadzi), Elivelto (85 min. K.Uzėla), L.Antal (72 min. V.Lukša), D.Šernas (72 min. B.Atajič).

BATE: D.Shcherbinski (46 min. S.Veremko), Y.Berezkin (46 min. Y.Kendysh), A.Volodko (51 min. M.Ivanič), N.Signevich (67 min. Y.Yablonski), M.Zhavnerchik, A.Rios, N.Milunovič, S.Dragun (62 min. V.Gvilia), I.Stasevich (78 min. M.Volodko), D.Poliakov (81 min. V.Gaiduchik), M.Gordeichuk (22 min. J.Tuominen).