In the 16th round of A league, FC Žalgiris had to combat with Jonava and with the very strong wind, fortunately, Vilnius side once again was on top and beat Jonava 2:1.

The start of the match for the guests was unexpected – on 14 minutes Jonava's striker Klaudijus Upstas found himself free in the penalty box and steered the ball past Armantas Vitkauskas. However, on 29 minutes Elivelto made an excellent cross and Darvydas Šernas scored a nice header.

Second half was very nervous: referee showed five yellow cards and the red one, also, Jonava had two very good chances to cheer their supporters. Nevertheless, on 90+1 minute Linas Klimavičius received a perfect pass from Donovan Slijngard and scored another victorious goal in Jonava for a second year in a row.

Match statistics:

Jonava 1:2 (1:1) FC Žalgiris

Goals: 14 min. K.Upstas; 29 min. D.Šernas, 90+1 min. L.Klimavičius

Yellow cards: 26 min. L.Stonkus, 34 min. A.Paškevičius, 72 min. K.Upstas, 83 min. Tv.Eliošius, 90+1 min. P.Valinčius; 33 min. M.Ljujič, 76 min. D.Slijngard, 82 min. M.Mbodj

Red card: 78 min. L.Stonkus (Jonava)

Jonava: P.Valinčius, M.Dapkus, E.Ževnerov, T.Salamanavičius (83 min. D.Makaradze), L.Stonkus, M.Marusič (89 min. M.Ganusauskas), K.Aleksijan, A.Paškevičius, K.Upstas (76 min. Tv.Eliošius), Td.Eliošius, A.Rocys.

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, E.Vaitkūnas, L.Klimavičius, M.Mbodj, D.Slijngard, V.Lukša (65 min. M.Traore), M.Ljujič (77 min. S.Mikoliūnas), M.Kuklys (24 min. S.Nyuiadzi), S.Blagojevič, Elivelto, D.Šernas.