On Wednesday Žalgiris won 4:1 against Stumbras Kaunas and earned 8th victory in a row. The game was decided in the first 15 minutes, when Bahrudin Atajič scored two goals, Komnen Adrič added the third and Žalgiris cruised to the victory.

After the bright start Žalgiris lowered intensity but kept opponents in check. Before the final whistle both teams exchanged goals. On 89 minutes Matija Ljujič made superb assist to Mantas Kuklys and the latter scored his second goal of the season. In the last moments of the game Danielis Romanovskis, who is on-loan from Žalgiris, punished Vilnius side.

"I think we started the game really well and showed how dangerous we can be. We scored three quick goals and after that we relaxed a little bit. It was good perfomance from our team, but we still have a lot of work to do", said Atajič after the game.
After 10 games Žalgiris collected 27 points and held the first place at the top of A league.

Match statistics:

FC Žalgiris 4:1 (3:0) Kauno Stumbras

Goals: 9 ir 13 min. B.Atajič, 15 min. K.Andrič, 89 min. M.Kuklys; 90+2 min. D.Romanovskij

Yellow card: 26 min. L.Klimavičius

Žalgiris: S.Klevinskas, D.Slijngard, M.Mbodj, L.Klimavičius, R.Baravykas, S.Blagojevič (46 min. M.Ljujič), M.Kuklys, B.Atajič, S.Nyuiadzi (53 min. J.Lasickas), Elivelto (85 min. K.Uzėla), K.Andrič.

Stumbras: R.Josviaki, J.Nazare, T.Snapkauskas, A.Almeida (66 min. D.Barauskas), M.Junior, L.Matcharashvili, L.Artimavičius, F.Lopes, M.Papšys (55 min. D.Romanovskij), A.Kore, N.Bouchareb (73 min. B.Terry).