FC Žalgiris suddenly was one goal down at the start of the game, but then Darvydas Šernas stole the show and scored a second hat-trick in a row – in 7th round of A league Lithuanian champions were stronger once again and overcame Sūduva by scoreline 3:1.

On 7 minutes Povilas Leimonas was at the right time in the penalty box and beat Armantas Vitkauskas at the first post. However, on 17 minutes Šernas calmly dispatched a penalty kick and on 35 minutes put Žalgiris in front. In the second half Valdas Dambrauskas had to substitute an injured Linas Klimavičius, while Šernas extended his domination. An experienced forward on 65 minutes scored a third goal and sealed a second game in a row.

After seven rounds of A league Žalgiris is at the top of the table. Vilnius side has 18 points and achieved six victories in seven matches.

Match statistics:

FC Žalgiris 3:1 (2:1) Marijampolės Sūduva

Goals: 17 min, 35 min. ir 65 min. D.Šernas; 7 min. P.Leimonas

Yellow cards: 34 min. M.Ljujič, 43 min. D.Šernas, 45 min. S.Blagojevič, 71 min. M.Mbodj, 90 min. E.Vaitkūnas; 19 min. A.Švrljuga, 52 min. P.Leimonas

Žalgiris: A.Vitkauskas, D.Slijngard, L.Klimavičius (54 min. G.Freidgeimas), M.Mbodj, E.Vaitkūnas, S.Blagojevič, M.Kuklys, M.Ljujič, V.Lukša (82 min. S.Mikoliūnas), Elivelto (77 min. S.Nyuiadzi), D.Šernas.

Sūduva: I.Kardum, V.Slavickas, R.Abu Bakr, A.Jankauskas, H.Ndong, P.Leimonas, G.Matulevičius (67 min. P.Janušauskas), O.Verbickas (75 min. M.Altiparmakovski), E.Veliulis (72 min. R.Vėževičius), A.Švrljuga, K.Laukžemis.