Lithuanian champions FC Žalgiris lost the match for the first time in A league this season. In the 2nd round Vilnius side was 0:1 defeated by Utenis, which managed to win after eight consecutive losses in head-to-head games.

The only goal was scored on 41 minutes. Former Žalgiris striker Edvinas Baniulis found some space in the penalty box, received good cross from Gabrielius Zagurskas and scored a nice header.

Žalgiris had a lot of chances to equalize in the second half, but Utenis defenders and goalkeeper Dejan Garača didn’t make a mistake.

“Coach has to take all the responsibility as we couldn’t reach the players mind. When you show arrogance outside the field, sometimes you can be punished. We couldn’t catch the rhythm in the first half, while in the second we managed to do that, but we failed to score,” said head coach Valdas Dambrauskas.

Match statistics:

FC Žalgiris 0:1 (0:1) Utenos Utenis

Goal: 41 min. E.Baniulis

Yellow cards: 46 min. S.Mikoliūnas, 58 min. E.Baniulis, 75 min. A.Tručinskas, 90 min. D.Garača, 90+3 min. V.Nikitinas, 90+5 min. E.Vaitkūnas

Žalgiris: S.Klevinskas, D.Slijngardas, L.Klimavičius, M.Mbodjis, R.Baravykas (63 min. E.Vaitkūnas), S.Blagojevičius, B.Atajičius (20 min. S.Mikoliūnas), M.Ljujičius, Elivelto (82 min. G.Freidgeimas), V.Lukša, D.Šernas.

Utenis: D.Garača, V.Nikitinas, C.Bruunas, A.Kuganas, V.Jeriomenka (59 min. M.Večurka), A.Tručinskas, J.Morozas, T.Dodlekas, G.Zagurskas, T.Matsunaga (84 min. R.Silva), E.Baniulis (72 min. V.Panfilovas).