FK Žalgiris Vilnius had little trouble against Utenis Utena, whose head coach Mindaugas Čepas recently resigned due to poor results.

As is often the case, Žalgiris took initiative early on in the game and held the tempo throughout the majority of the first half, only occasionally conceding counter attacks to Utenis.
The duo of Vytautas Lukša and Elivelto were actively trying to break through the compact defence of the opponents in the first 10 minutes, but with little success. The first dangerous opportunity came in the 10th minute of the match, when Mamadou Mbodji's headed effort after a corner kick went over the bar.
Later on in the 18th minute Utenis Utena's talented youngster Eligijus Jankauskas forced Žalgiris' Armantas Vitkauskas to demonstrate his reactions after the young winger went one on one with the goalkeeper.
Two minutes later the same thing happened on the other side of the pitch, as Lukša failed to convert a one on one chance after an unexpected Mantas Kuklys pass. After a few moments had passed, Marin Matoš attempted a shot from a distance, only for it to be too weak.
In the 25th minute Elivelto showed his technical abilities and went one on one with Utenis' goalkeeper Pavel Leus as well, but his shot was easily saved by the man in goal. Žalgiris' captain Egidijus Vaitkūnas also had his try in the 27th minute, but the shot from a narrow angle was saved.
A great opportunity for Žalgiris Vilnius came in the 34th minute, when Linas Pilibaitis forced Utenis' goalkeeper to leave his area and attracted a few defenders to him as well. Pilibaitis then gave the ball to Justas Lasickas, who tried to lob the ball over the opposition players, but his attempt was blocked.
A few minutes later Jevgeniy Moroz of the visitors side took a dangerous long shot outside of the box, luckily it went over the crossbar.
Žalgiris intercepted the ball in the opposition half at the beginning of the second period and Elivelto was once again put through one on one by a pass from Lukša, but the Brazilian wasted the chance.
Nevertheless, the goal came soon after - in the 52nd minute. Justas Lasickas attracted a few defenders to himself with a run towards the middle from left wing, and the young forward released the ball to Marin Matoš, who made a few touches before smashing the ball with his left foot from outside of the box to score his first league goal for Žalgiris this season. 1-0.
In the next ten minutes players such as Lukša, Pilibaitis, and Kuklys all had opportunities to double the host side's lead, yet failed to do so.
Utenis' youngster Eligijus Jankauskas once again showed his potential in the 69th minute, when he evaded Donovan Slijngard and Mantas Kuklys before unleashing a shot on Žalgiris' goal. It was too weak though as Armantas Vitkauskas dealt with it easily.
As the match moved towards the final whistle, the visitors kept trying to find ways to equalise with long shots from Gabrielius Zagurskas and Igoris Poručinskas, but they were, fortunately for Žalgiris, inaccurate.
Donovan Slijngard showed his long shot expertise as well in the 84th minute, forcing Utenis' goalkeeper to really put some effort into the safe. Žalgiris' forward Bahrudin Atajic, who came on as a substitute, also did his best to cause problems for the opposition defence, but was outnumbered on a few occasions.
Last month's Player of the Month Vytautas Lukša continued his great form with a 94th minute goal to double the lead and seal the victory for Žalgiris Vilnius.
FK Žalgiris Vilnius - Utenis Utena 2:0 (0:0)
"SMScredit.LT A league", Matchday 11, Vilnius
52' [1:0] Marin Matoš
90+4' [2:0] Vytautas Lukša
Bookings: 18' Benas Spietinis (Utenis Utena); 25' Egidijus Vaitkūnas, 70' Vytautas Lukša (Žalgiris Vilnius).
FK Žalgiris Vilnius line-up: Armantas Vitkauskas, Egidijus Vaitkūnas, Linas Klimavičius, Mamadou Mbodji, Donovan Slijngard, Marin Matoš, Mantas Kuklys (77' Tautvydas Eliošius), Elivelto (62' Bahrudin Atajic), Justas Lasickas (52' Saulius Mikoliūnas), Vytautas Lukša, Linas Pilibaitis.