FK Žalgiris Vilnius and Sūduva Marijampolė created a massive drama in the third round match of Lithuanian league as the home team won the game in the dying seconds – 3:2 (0:1).

Being behind the opponents two times in 90 minutes FK Žalgiris players managed to get on their feets and claim a late victory.

The match started not as planned for FK Žalgiris, as the visitors opened the score sheet on the 16th minute of playing time. Ex FK Žalgiris player Paulius Janušauskas made an assist to Predrag Pavlovic, who scored a debut goal for his team.

The home team managed to even the balance only in the second half, when on the 50th minute Mamadou Mbodj got loose of his defender during a corner kick and with a strong header scored his first goal while playing for FK Žalgiris – 1:1.

On the 69th minute a substitute Karolis Laukžemis received a convenient pass from his teammate and converted it to yet another goal.

The show started when Saulius Mikoliūnas came to the pitch after a substitution. On the 78th minute he got past several defenders, tricking them and firing a strong shot from a long distance, netting the ball into a bottom corner of the goal – 2:2.

On the 90th minute when it seemed it will be a draw, Jorge Chula made a quick counter-attack and plowed into FK Sūduva goalkeeper Ivan Kardum. The referee pointed to penalty spot instantly. It was calmly converted to a goal by Mantas Kuklys – 3:2 the final score.

FK Žalgiris Vilnius – Sūduva Marijampolė 3:2 (0:1)

16‘ [0:1] Predrag Pavlovic
50‘ [1:1] Mamadou Mboj
69‘ [1:2] Karolis Laukžemis
78‘ [2:2] Saulius Mikoliūnas
90‘ [3:2] Mantas Kuklys (penalty)

: 32‘ Ivan Kardum, 51‘ Andro Švrljuga, 57‘ Marius Činikas (FK Sūduva); 51‘ Linas Pilibaitis, 53‘ Donovan Slijngard, 90+1‘ Elivelto (FK Žalgiris).

FK Žalgiris Vilnius line-up
: Armantas Vitkauskas, Egidijus Vaitkūnas, Linas Klimavičius, Mamadou Mbodj, Donovan Slijngard, Eltonas (71‘ Saulius Mikoliūnas), Vytautas Lukša (77‘ Jorge Chula), Linas Pilibaitis, Mantas Kuklys Elivelto, Bahrudin Atajic (82‘ Simonas Stankevičius).