FK Žalgiris Vilnius has bounced from the latest defeat against FS Metta and came with a strong win over FK Spartaks Jurmala with a result 5:1 (4:0).

The game started with aggressive offence from both teams, but it took only 6 minutes for the home team to open the score sheet. After a several quick passes Bahrudin Atajic found himself alone in front of opponents’ goalkeeper and made a confident and successful shot, making the score 1:0.

On the 13th minute of playing time FK Žalgiris players made a few attempts on goal but it was blocked, although Tautvydas Eliošius was not ready to give up and doubled the score, making it 2:0.

The third nail was hammered on the 37th minute when after two Bahrudin Atajic attempts Tautvydas Eliošius corrected his teammate and opened a scary gap between the two teams – 3:0.

Right before the end of the first half Bahrudin Atajic has once again found himself in front of goalkeeper during a counterattack and with a simple flick made the score 4:0.

The second half of the game was not better for the visiting team, as on the 46th minute Vytautas Lukša got past several defenders and put the ball into the net, making the score 5:0.

The opponents managed to score a comforting goal, when during a rare counterattack Sergej Vorobjov got past Armantas Vitkauskas and made the score 5:1.

After a game Bahrudin Atajic was happy about his performance and goals, which became a big relief after a few goalless games.

“I knew these goals would come to me. The coach was confident too. I think that my form is getting better in each game, but I still have to know the players better. We feel that we are on the right path and try to make a good performance every time we step onto the pitch.

“I couldn’t play football for a long time, so I feel stronger after every game. I’d like to play 90 minutes and score at least three goals, but now 70 minutes are good. I want to have as much playing time as possible”, - he said.

Donovan Slijngard said that he was happy playing 90 minutes for the first time this year, but it was very tiring.

“The preseason is for me to get more stamina, playing time and getting fitter. It was a really good game for me, especially the first half. But I couldn’t pick any players, because the most important thing for us is our overall performance.

”We are happy that we can demonstrate what we were learning during training sessions, it is very important to us. I think that step by step we are getting better and we will be ready for a first competitive game”.

FK Žalgiris head coach Valdas Dambrauskas praised his teams’ good performance in offence: “The more we play together, the better we know each other. I think it helped us to create more chances and convert them into goals.

“We hoped that the opponents will show more signs of resistance, we thought that they will fight more. At the beginning of the game it seemed that they will do it, but then they conceded a quick goal. I liked our playing style, but we lacked freshness. Some of our players couldn’t train because of illnesses, so most of them were tired. Although we were clinical on offence, but we have a lot of errors to fix”, - he said.

FK Žalgiris Vilnius – FK Spartaks Jurmala 5:1 (4:0)

6‘ [1:0] Bahrudin Atajic
13‘ [2:0] Tautvydas Eliošius
37‘ [3:0] Tautvydas Eliošius
44‘ [4:0] Bahrudin Atajic
46‘ [5:0] Vytautas Lukša
75‘ [5:1] Sergej Vorobjov

FK Žalgiris squad
: Armantas Vitkauskas (76‘ Karolis Čirba), Donovan Slijngard, Mamadou Mbodj, Linas Klimavičius (63‘ Lukas Valvonis), Egidijus Vaitkūnas, Yuri Kendysh, Vytautas Lukša (57‘ Jorge Chula), Mantas Kuklys (57‘ Marin Matoš), Tautvydas Eliošius (71‘ Daniel Romanovskij), Saulius Mikoliūnas (57‘ Elivelto Ribeiro Dantas), Bahrudin Atajic (76‘ Dominykas Barauskas).