Despite having controlled the game tempo almost for 90 minutes, FK Žalgiris Vilnius have conceded a late goal, which resulted in visitors FS Metta Riga victory over Lithuanian champions.

Like in previous two games, home team had a strong start of the game and took advantage of visitors’ decision to focus on defending, having a complete control over a ball. But it didn’t help to get nearer their goal or to try to make a dangerous shot.

Only when the first half was near the end, FK Žalgiris players made a few threatening attacks, but either Marin Matoš, nor Simonas Stankevičius were successful.

The second half started with more aggressive FK Žalgiris attacking. The Lithuanian team created a lot of chances and several players – Saulius Mikoliūnas, Edvinas Baniulis and Darius Kazubovičius – had an opportunity to get their team in front of the opponents, but they didn’t manage to complete the attacks successfully.

When the final whistle was nearing, the game turned inside out. After a quick counterattack Artūrs Švacbe, a player of FS Metta ended up in front of FK Žalgiris goalkeeper Saulius Klevinskas and with a simple shot has won the match for his team.

After a game head-coach of FK Žalgiris Valdas Dambrauskas said, that the visitors had only one chance to change the score and used it.

“If we don’t score, the opponents will. Our players realize that this is a lesson for them not to be so careless and this is a signal, which has to have an effect on them. We have to be concentrated throughout the whole game. Of course, we must remember that this is only a preseason games and only now we can make mistakes and then study it”, - he said.

FK Žalgiris midfielder Tautvydas Eliošius also was not happy with a result and said that he and his team must perform better.

“It’s very unfortunate to lose the game in the dying seconds. I don’t think that we underestimated the opponents, but we must win against such teams as FS Metta. Maybe we had too much of rotation, maybe we are a little bit tired, but we cannot complain about such things. We must be better”, - T. Eliošius said.

FK Žalgiris Vilnius – FS Metta Riga 0:1 (0:0)

89‘ [0:1] Artūrs Švacbe

: 3‘ Rendijs Šibass, 20‘ Kristofers Treimavis, 33‘ Klavs Balinš (FS Metta); 21‘ Marin Matoš (FK Žalgiris).

FK Žalgiris line-up
: Saulius Klevisnkas, Dominykas Barauskas, Aldas Korsakas (46‘ Egidijus Vaitkūnas), Lukas Valvonis, Mamadou Mbodj (72‘ Georgas Freidgeimas), Marin Matoš (62‘ Mantas Kuklys), Elivelto Ribeiro Dantas (62‘ Darius Kazubovičius), Jorge Chula (Tautvydas Eliošius), Saulius Mikoliūnas (72‘ VytautasLukša), Daniel Romanovskij (Edvinas Baniulis), Simonas Stankevičius (46‘ Julius Momkus).