On Friday, 19th of June, FC Žalgiris Vilnius officially present its new player Jorge Chula, who can play in right wing position or in the front of the goal.

The 25-year-old, who was born in Portugal and started his professional career in FC Porto, had signed for the club on Wednesday, but will be officially put in the squad on 22snd of June, when the transfer window opens in Lithuania.

During the presentation ceremony Jorge Chula said that FC Žalgiris has given him an opportunity to show his worth and he is ready to accept it. He also dreams of a chance to play in UEFA Champions league, and Lithuanian defending champions are starting the European campaign the next month.

“I have never played in such international tournament, so I think it is a rare opportunity to play in Champions league. I think that the club wants to go further and pass the second round of qualification. We work hard that we could achieve that. It is very important to me, the players and the club.

It is only one month left until the qualification round, but I think that it is enough time to adapt and get ready. When I came here on the first day, I found nice people and coaches, who wanted me to integrate into the squad as quickly as I can. It is very important for a new player to feel welcome. I think that one month is enough to know my colleagues and get ready for the upcoming battles in Europe”, - Jorge Chula said.

The new member of FC Žalgiris team thinks that his best quality is his speed. Jorge Chula said that he works hard in training sessions to be a better player every day, but there is always room to improve.

“One of the things I would like to improve is my speed, because I’m not quick enough yet. Also I want to improve my one on one playing style, crossing, tactical game. No one is perfect, so it is essential to try to be a better player than I was yesterday”, - he said.

The footballer remembered that as a kid he loved to play football at the streets and tried to watch every game on television or in stadium with maximum attention. Jorge Chula always wanted to be like his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, so he trained hard to be able to play in similar style like he does. But the player admits that it is not easy to be a professional footballer in Portugal.

“FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon are very big teams in Portugal. It’s not easy to play in these clubs. You have to be one hundred percent focused on your tasks, there is no space to make any mistakes. But, on the other hand, it is good to have such responsibilities, because it helps to grow as a player”, - said J. Chula, who played for both clubs in the past.

During his second year as a professional player he was loaned to Dutch Eredvisie league’s FC Venlo. During his time there he played 27 matches in the club.

“In the beginning it was not easy to adapt, because there was a different culture, different people, food or weather. But when you start to play, you feel good and confident, especially when you feel your team-mates. Each day I felt better and better.

I think it will be the same in Lithuania. In the beginning it will be a little bit difficult, but as the time passes by, it will be better. This is my second experience playing outside of Portugal. I liked the first time in Holland, I hope I will like Lithuania too and to be happy here”, - said the new member of FC Žalgiris.

J. Chula said that before signing a contract with defending Lithuania’s champions, he searched information about the country.

“I was impressed how beautiful the country is. I also know that “Žalgiris” is a club with a great history with a lot of trophies. This was one of the reasons why I chose to come here. Also a big factor for my decision was an opportunity to play in UEFA Champions league.

I am planning to bring my wife to live in Lithuania, because it is difficult for me to be alone. I know that here in the country there is more Portuguese, so I will try to meet them all. I also love sightseeing. I want to see a lot of different places. I like to relax in beautiful places”, - he said.